Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

The theme of Halloween 2010 was PAR-TAY!!
Sunday night, we first headed over to our good friends', Jason and Kelly's house. We always look forward to their fun parties and we loved seeing our supper club friends and their kiddos!! I wish I had taken more pictures and am sad I didn't get any pics of Caroline with her buddies, James and Press. Here are the two I took:
Saylor the adorable Cat & Caroline
Caroline with Jason and Kelly's daughter, Mae...Caroline LOVED Mae's Minnie costume
Then we headed over to our friends' Tom and Julie's house where we got to partay with our church community group (and lots of other fun peeps). Here are pics of our group minus the Solomons who we were sad we missed!
The Goodales (and fab hosts!): Tom, Kate, Cole & Julie
The Matthews: Jason, Laura, Parker & Ally
The Libbys: Wendy, Kyle & baby Brendan
Tom and Julie set up this cool hay ride to take the kids on a ride around our neighborhood. Caroline did NOT think it was cool, however...look at her face. You can see me in the pic heading in to save my 'slow-to-warm-up-to-new-things' daughter. Once Matt hopped on with her and they took off, Matt said Caroline loved it.
After the hayride, we were off to trick-or-treat. I WAY overdid it...we walked a pretty long way. But I didn't want to miss a minute of Caroline's first trick-or-treating experience. And I secretly hoped it would send me into labor. Nope...I didn't even have one contraction :-(
Surprisingly, Caroline loved trick-or-treating and had no problem running (okay, walking :-) up to the houses and saying "trick-or-treat" all by herself. It was adorable!
Caroline watching Parker take down some chocolate "eyeballs"
Not sure what we were so excited about but we were having a lot of fun!
After trick-or-treating with our friends, we took Caroline to trick-or-treat at my mom's and Matt's parents' houses. They were expecting her and she got all kinds of goodies at their houses ;-)
This was Caroline's first year to trick-or-treat and it was neat to watch her experience Halloween as a "big" 2 1/2 year old. Although we were all worn out, it was a really fun night (even if I didn't end up going into labor, ha)

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