Thursday, November 4, 2010


Precious, tiny, newborn diapers are put away and ready to be used...
...and the miniature socks, onesies, hats and adorable baby BOY clothes are all washed, folded and put away.

Matthew's nursery is ready minus some accessories for the walls/bookcase and window treatments (I'll post pics when it's completely finished). We're ready for our baby boy's arrival!! This time next week, I'll be cuddling Matthew in my arms and I can't WAIT!!
I had my LAST doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything looked good minus my blood pressure which was elevated to 145/80. I was put on strict bedrest yesterday to get that number down and it worked (if it hadn't, Matthew would have been born last night!) My blood pressure has been down most of the day today so I think I'm going to make it another week. I'm not on bedrest anymore and just have to "take it easy"...whatever that means. We'll see. If it stays up over 140/90 at any point between now and next Thursday, my doctor will go ahead and deliver Matthew.
I'm a few pounds shy of gaining exactly as much weight as I did with Caroline which I think is interesting. It makes me wonder if Matthew will be the same size Caroline was when she was born (7.2 pounds and 19 1/4 inches long)?? Matthew's heartbeat was perfect, and he's measuring one week bigger than he should. All in all, it was a good last appointment, and I can't believe the next time I'm heading to the doctor will be for Matthew's birth day. We are READY!!!

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Fifer Furnishings said...

Looked for you this morning at church and just read this! I'm glad strict bed rest was just a day but I hope you are really taking it easy. Can't wait to meet that baby boy this week :) !!!