Thursday, February 26, 2009

See any resemblance...

Yep, that's right, thanks to the wonderful advice and wisdom from my friends, Sarah and Stephanie (who have daughters a few years older than Caroline and were able to give me the 411 on the proper hair rubberband to use for the perfect Pebbles ponytail :-), I was able to get Caroline's hair into a ponytail today. Albeit, a very thin ponytail that makes her look slightly bald on top, but one nonetheless.

See, I've had quite a dilemma lately with "styling" Caroline's hair. She has too much hair for the headband bows but not enough hair to keep a bow in by itself. So the ponytail seems to be the only option for bows these days. We'll see how it works out...somehow I have a feeling that Daddy isn't going to be a fan :-)


The Rowe Crew said...

SOOOO cute!!! You rock that Pebbles 'do, Caroline :o)

SarahFifer said...

love it - very cute. so glad we could be of help :)