Friday, February 20, 2009

Mozart in the Making

Caroline loves playing the piano at my mom's house. Here is a video of her first composition for your viewing pleasure. I apologize for all of the talking on the video...if there was a way to delete it out, trust me, I would :-) Enjoy!

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Reagan & Katie said...

She is so stinkin cute! Love the Vday party by the way - you creative mama! ;)
ok - answers to your 2 questions: I think you can start strawberries at 18 mts (don't quote me on that - friends have told me anywhere from 12-18 mts... Will is almost 18mts. & I just couldn't wait til Easter when I thought I would give them to him!) -
Cross thrus- bummer, blogger won't let me type it out! i'll email you or you can google "blogger cross thrus" that's what I did!
Hope that helps! We'll be in Big D in April I think - let's have lunch with kiddos or play at the TSRHC park!?!? miss you - Katie