Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy 10 Month Birthday

Caroline is 10 months old and one day today. Watching Caroline grow and learn new things is a lot of fun. Here is what the little miss has been up to these days: as evidenced by the pic above, she's JUST now starting to get a little hair and I can ALMOST get a bow to stay in it without a headband (her hair isn't quite long enough for a Pebbles ponytail yet but it's getting there...oh that will be a happy day :-), when I ask Caroline if she is "all done" or wants "more" she'll sign the word, she now gives volitional kisses to me and Matt without us having to ask (by far my most favorite thing she's ever sweet), she has started picking out her own books for us to read to her, Caroline still loves to push her walking toy and is now pulling up on everything and can stand by herself for a few seconds before losing her balance, she got her first 2 teeth, and she is eating lots of new table foods. Caroline's schedule is the same as last month and she is napping/sleeping at night well. She is so happy and we've really enjoyed seeing more of her personality come out this month. We're definitely looking forward to month 11 and all of the new things Caroline will learn in the coming weeks!!
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Travis and Andrea said...

Happy 10 month sweet girl! I remember how excited I was to put a bow in Paige's hair. She is darling. :)