Thursday, February 19, 2009

Caroline's First Valentine's Day

Caroline had a great first Valentine's Day and enjoyed getting to spend it with her Grammie and Grandpa a.k.a. Matt's parents who came all the way from Virginia for a fun visit.
Grandpa, Caroline and Mimi
Valentine's Day was always a fun holiday my family celebrated every year when I was kid (well it actually has continued into grown-up years too). My grandparents' last name is Valentine. When my mom was growing up, my grandparents always threw a family party for my mom and her two sisters so they could celebrate on the same holiday as their last name. They just thought it was fun. So my mom and dad carried on the tradition with my brother and me. And it looks like Matt and I are carrying it on with Caroline. So Valentine's morning, we had a family party at our house with Matt's parents, my mom, and my brother. Our V-day breakfast party was complete with cheesy decorations, balloons, presents, and heart-shaped pancakes.

Caroline checking out her little heart pancake
Matt, his dad, and my mom

Opening her present...what could it be??
A baby doll that laughs hysterically (it's the most annoying toy I've ever heard but it makes Caroline we all suffer in the name of Caroline's happiness :-)
After breakfast, Matt and I started packing up and getting ready to leave. Here are some pics of Caroline playing with Grammie and Grandpa while we were away:
"Can I help?!?"
Pushing the walker wagon with Grammie...Caroline is in heaven!
What a fun first Valentine's Day!!!

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the bowlin family said...

we are coming over to your house next year on valentine's day. so fun!! we are those loser people who barely celebrate the occasion.
BTW, i love that you added me to your blog list. we had a blast hanging out. can't wait until our next "date."