Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Review

We had a busy, but fun, weekend. Saturday morning, we woke up and played for awhile. Then Matt and I took Caroline on a loooooong walk. It was one of those beautiful, Fall mornings in Texas. You know what I'm talking about. Cool, bright blue sky, no clouds, etc...

Saturday morning playtime
Saturday afternoon, we went to our friend, James, 1st birthday party. Here is Caroline with the birthday boy.
"Give me that cell phone!!" Is it too early to start teaching this little girl that it's not polite to grab?!? How in the world do kids know to "fight" over toys at such an early age?
Happy birthday, James!!
After the party, we drove up to Plano to visit our friends, Kara and Aaron Acker. We got to meet their little girl, Kate, for the first time. She's so beautiful!!! Caroline loved meeting Kate and kept trying to hold her hand. Can you believe Kate is only 7 weeks old in this picture? Kara and Aaron are very tall :-)
Kara, Caroline, me, and Kate
Sunday, we woke up and headed to church. Here is Caroline, dressed (minus her shoes) and ready to go.

After church and a much too short nap, we took Caroline to one of our favorite restaurants (and definitely our favorite Mexican restaurant), Chuy's!!! Caroline really enjoyed herself although she would have enjoyed it more if she could have had some of that queso. Yum!!!
We had a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Caroline took another nap that was way too short (ugh!), then woke up and watched some of the Cowboys game with us while we waited for Kalo to come babysit. Matt and I headed off to bible study once Kalo came over and Caroline spent the rest of the night playing with her sweet grandmother (thanks for babysitting, mom!)

Caroline and Daddy watching the game (actually, Matt watched the game and Caroline played with the remote)

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