Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Preview

I couldn't wait until Halloween to preview Caroline's costume...it's just too cute!! Our little pumpkin is a pumpkin (sorry, I KNOW that was cheesy :-)
"YOU are funny, mommy!!!"

Is anyone surprised Caroline is eating her costume (sigh)??
Caroline and Lucy (the Strawberry)...I don't think she could stuff anymore of that pumpkin into her mouth!!
Our playgroup dressed up all of the kids. I couldn't fit everyone into one picture so I had to break it up into two pics (and I still cut off sweet Finn...sorry buddy). From Left to Right: Finn the Monkey, Ava the Kitten, Luke the Pea in the Pod, Parker the Pony, Ethan as Ethan :-), Stone the Penquin, Caroline the Pumpkin, and Lucy the Strawberry.
From Left to Right: Stone, Caroline, Lucy, Brady the Shark, Asher the Golfer (poor guy), and Hudson the Monkey. Dressing up babies in costumes is just too funny. All the moms had lots of good laughs yesterday!!

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Travis and Andrea said...

Those are such great pics. SHe is so stinkin cute.
I am tagging you. check my blog to see what I mean. :)