Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today, we went with our friends, the Smiths and Matthews, to The Pumpkin Patch in Flower Mound. Unfortunately, for sweet Caroline, it was a total BUST!!! Here are My Pumpkin Patch Lessons Learned from a Rookie Mom:
  • DO NOT take your 6 1/2 month old infant, who doesn't like bright, hot, sunny days to a shadeless pumpkin patch on a bright, hot, sunny day!!
  • DO NOT wear long sleeves and jeans to a shadeless pumpkin patch on a bright, hot, sunny day!!
  • DO NOT attempt any big outing on a Sunday with your 6 1/2 month old infant who is sleep deprived because of church and a short morning nap.
  • DO NOT ever visit a pumpkin patch with children if the temperature outside is more than 70 degrees!!
  • DO NOT take your 6 1/2 month old infant to a really fun pumpkin patch filled with bounce houses, hay rides, hay mazes, slides, and a fun little train when all he/she can really do is sit up and therefore misses all of the fun of the pumpkin patch in the first place.
As you can tell, I made a lot of mistakes today and will definitely do some things differently next year. I hope we make this pumpkin patch visit a tradition though because it really did seem like so much fun. We just didn't get to enjoy it today.
The two pics below are the ONLY pictures I got of Caroline NOT crying. Here she is, all strapped in and ready to go. She still hasn't learned that it's okay to open up her eyes when she's outside :-)
Luckily, Caroline wasn't crying as long as the water bottle was in her mouth.
Obviously, you see what we were attempting to do. Uh, didn't quite work...
Cason, Caroline, and Parker sitting with Matt

One of the reasons we went to this particular pumpkin patch was because they have this ADORABLE pot to sit your baby in. I SO badly wanted a picture of Caroline sitting in there, smiling her sweet smile. No such luck. She HATED this thing!! When will the control freak in me learn that sometimes I don't run this show no mo'?!? Here I am pleading with her to cooperate.
This is the best picture we got :-)
Our fam
Cason, Caroline, and Parker
Parker sitting nicely in the pot...wish he had given Caroline the memo

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Shannon and John said...

Bless your sweetheart!! It sounds like today was a rough one! But you are a good mommy to try and learn lessons. I learn a new one every single day and they often involve NOT pushing Lucy too much.

We took Lu to the arboretum yesterday and had a good time. There is LOTS of shade and some really good photo spots. Maybe you guys could try it out. I think it is through next weekend. I also know Lacey is going tomorrow and has free passes.

Are you on facebook? I have some pics up from our day on there.