Thursday, October 9, 2008

Graduation Day

Caroline "graduated" from physical therapy today...yay!!! I'm so excited that her torticollis is better, but we will really miss seeing our physical therapist, Ms. Julie, every week. Julie was so wonderful. She really knew her stuff and Caroline made quick progress working with her.
Julie and Caroline on the exercise mat after completing our final session!
On a different note, our little friend, Parker, came over to play today before we had physical therapy. Caroline and Parker discovered a new way to play together. Caroline stood inside of the exersaucer while Parker stood on the outside. Then they would both play (or fight over :-) the same toy.
Here they are battling it out...can you guess who won?? Parker's got a few months on Caroline...she admitted defeat easily :-)
Caroline was determined to eat Parker's shirt so I had to keep a close eye on her. Sweet Parker, he's such a good sport.

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