Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Half Birthday Caroline!!!

Update: Caroline's 6 Month Stats:
Height: 27 inches (90th %)
Weight: 17 pounds, 5 ounces (75th %)
Head Circumference: 17 inches (75th %)
Caroline is 6 months old today!!! Happy half birthday baby girl!!! I can't believe that in six more months she'll be one year old. I guess time flies when you're having fun. Caroline is definitely having fun these days. She is so smiley and happy. Everything is fascinating to her (even if it's just the oven knobs :-) Toys have taken on a whole new meaning and she loves playing with them. Anything that crinkles, rattles, moves, lights up, plays music, etc...really excites her. One of Caroline's favorite games is to take a toy from me, play with it for a few seconds, throw it on the floor, then wait for me to give her another one. Her other favorite "game" is grabbing our faces, giving us a "kiss" (I think she's trying to chew on our chins/noses which is kind of gross if you think about it :-), then smile/laugh at herself.

Caroline has changed a lot this month. She is "talking" more. She loves to scream and squeal. She'll scream then break out into a big smile. It's funny to listen to. She has started sleeping in all kinds of different positions in her crib and never stays put. She can scoot herself all over the place. Caroline started sitting up this month and also pushes herself up really high with her arms when on her stomach. Sometimes she'll pull her legs up under her. She has really started showing preferences and we know what books, songs, toys, etc... are her favorites. She'll also do this hilarious thing where she stares at a toy/book intently until I give it to her. Her way of making a request right now I guess. Her favorite toys still seem to be "our" toys i.e. the remote, our cell phones, keys, etc... and everything ends up in her mouth so I have to be careful with what I give her to "play" with. We started rice cereal this week and Caroline is not a fan yet but we're working on it. We have her gagging on video the first time we gave it to her, lovely uh??...mommy made it a little too thick, oops :-) I fixed that mistake and it's been much better the past few nights. Live and learn...story of my life right now. Caroline is still taking 3 naps/day (sometimes short, sometimes long) and sleeping about 10-11 hours at night. She still eats 4 bottles/day and now has rice cereal at dinner.

This month has flown by too fast. I really wish I could hit a pause button right now. How quickly my newborn became an infant and I know it won't be long before my infant becomes a toddler. We're enjoying Caroline so much these days and can't wait to see what month 7 has in store for all of us.

P.S.--I'll update with her 6 month stats after her appt. on Monday

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SarahFifer said...

Wow - time does fly! Happy 1/2 bday Caroline. This is such a fun stage!!