Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mid-week Happenings

We're still working on the whole rice cereal thing. Caroline does not love it yet (although you wouldn't think that from the pictures below...even eating food she doesn't like can't keep that smile off her face) but she eats a little more every night. We're going to keep trying!
Sorry, but how funny does Caroline look in this pic with her helmet on, cereal all over her face, and "no" neck. I know she'll kill me someday for posting some of these pictures :-)

Yesterday, my friend Laura and her son, Parker, let Caroline come over and play/nap at their house while I had a doctor's appointment. Love their faces in these pics.

Today, Matt and I took Caroline to our neighborhood pumpkin patch. She loved it! She stared and stared at all the pumpkins. It was very hard to get any good pictures because as soon as we sat Caroline down, she started grabbing and playing with all of the straw.

"Uh, WHY am I sitting on a mountain of pumpkins??"

Caroline couldn't be more thrilled to be sitting in my lap!

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