Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tiny Tot Tuesdays and a Helmet Update!

This week, Laura and I took Parker and Caroline to Tiny Tot Tuesdays at the Arboretum. I did not repeat any of my rookie mistakes from the other day: Caroline was well rested, it was a beautiful COOL Fall day, and I had given Caroline some Tylenol for the teething pain I'm convinced she's been having this week. All of that made for a pretty happy baby and a fun outing. The arboretum was beautiful...I just LOVE that place.
Parker and Caroline (can you guess who Caroline is reaching for?? we're going through a slight mommy attachment phase right now :-)

Now, for some great, awesome, exciting, fabulous, wonderful news. We had another cranial scan yesterday and Caroline's head looks really good. Without giving you the confusing numbers and measurements, Caroline has met all the dismissal criteria to come out of the helmet. She has about two more weeks of growing room in the helmet so we're going to finish filling it out then she's DONE!! So two weeks from this Monday, Caroline will be finished with the helmet. Yay!!! We're so excited and so happy with how her head looks!!!

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Emily said...

Congrats on the helmet news!!! Can you believe you are already almost done? These two weeks will fly by!!