Friday, December 7, 2012

Matthew's Birthday: Part 3

Last birthday post :-)
Matthew's actual birthday was on  Sunday this year. We spent it having a fun birthday breakfast, going to church, then playing at home with Matthew's new toys. It was a low-key way to keep the celebration going. I firmly believe a birthday should be celebrated for more than just one day!
Matthew LOVED his birthday balloons when he woke up in the morning. So much so, I couldn't even get a picture of him when I walked into his room. He wanted out of his crib right away!

Time for a birthday breakfast. All of Matthew's favorite things: pancakes, eggs, and fruit! We were so happy Mimi was in town to join us:
One more birthday song: 

My mom was SO sick with a stomach virus the weekend of Matthew's birthday :-( We were all so sad! She felt better on Sunday and came over to watch Matthew open his gifts from her: 

Playtime! Matthew loved all of his gifts, especially this lawn mower: 

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