Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dad & Cici's Visit

The day after Thanksgiving, my dad and his wife, Cindy, came to visit us from CO. We were SO excited to see them!
One day, we took them to the Arboretum to see the Chihuly exhibit:
Dad (a.k.a. Grandad), Cindy (a.k.a. Cici), Matt, Matthew, & Caroline

Me & Dad  
So cool!!
Matthew likes to wear Caroline's sunglasses upside down :-) 

This little one might make me crazy with his 2-year-old antics, but at the end of the day he is a lovey and such a momma's boy. He is always snuggling with me (he calls it "snuggles"). I love it!!!
Trying to keep Matthew from falling in the water:
On our way out of the arboretum, we were surprised to see Santa and his reindeer! Caroline was excited to tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Matthew was, well, I'll just let the picture speak for itself: 

Santa took the time to really visit with Caroline. She told him she wanted a rainbow dress and a spyglass (??). Then she asked him if he could fit a swingset in his sleigh ;-) Matthew was much happier standing to the side eating a lollipop:
Thanks for coming to see us, Grandad and Cici!!! We had so much fun!!!

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