Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Matthew's Birthday Celebration: Part 1

We decided to go on a family outing to the zoo to celebrate Matthew's 2nd birthday!
First things first, riding the carousel (well, just Caroline...Matthew inherited the Krauss "cautious gene" and was too scared):

Matthew happily watched his sister. He was so happy not to be on that thing :-)
Making a wish!

I had to include the next four pictures in order because they tell a funny story. We were all standing at the glass watching the baboons. One started walking toward us closer and closer. We were getting so excited he was coming to see us when all of a sudden he swiped at the glass right at Caroline's face. He didn't like Caroline sitting near his "home" and tried to slap her. Caroline was so upset but it was really hard not to laugh. The pictures tell the story although I missed the actual slap: 

Matthew was shocked at the whole ordeal:
Pointing out the flamingos: 

Below is Caroline's "I don't want you to take a picture of me so I'm going to glare at the camera" pose: 

Waiting to ride the tram:

Matthew was chasing after this pigeon yelling "Ah gah getchoo" (I gonna get you)

Snaketime...up close and personal:
The boys loved it, the girls not so much
 Matthew and Matt touched it. Ewwww! I hate snakes! So does my daughter...see her running away in the background? haha
The kids played at the playground area some more then we headed home. It was a fun outing to celebrate Matthew's special day!

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