Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome to the Blog World

Well, I've finally decided to join the blog world. I must admit I'm a little intimidated by it all. I never had a myspace, facebook, etc... First of all, I'm not a computer whiz and have a hard time figuring out stuff like this. Second of all, I'm no Shakespeare when it comes to writing/creativity (I'm pretty much the most un-creative person ever). However, since Caroline has been born, the past three months have been the best, and most challenging, months of our life. She brings us so much joy everday. I want to share her and all of her adventures with our family and friends. Plus, Caroline's Grammie, Grandpa, and Grandad who all live far away will be quite happy with the more consistent updates and pictures. Below are many pics to catch everyone up to date. Sorry there are a lot but we've been busy. Enjoy!!

Big smiles for Daddy

Big girl sitting in the Bumbo chair
First visit with Grandad
Caroline loves her Grammie and Grandpa
Four generations of Valentines (mom, me, Nannie, and Caroline). There's not much family resemblance, uh? :-)
First trip to the poolCaroline's best buddies, Cason and Parker
First trip to the that place!!
First little smile at six weeks

No, we're not torturing our child. It's just her first bath. She also did this every time we changed her diaper for FOUR WEEKS.

Caroline is a daddy's girl...if y'all only knew. She has Matt wrapped so tightly around her little finger. Smart girl! :-)

Sleeping angel
So little in her big glider

I love the bow on the hat
First pic as a family of three
Welcome to the world!
Matt and I getting ready for my c-section
I had no idea how our lives were about to change forever...


Laura said...

I think you are hot. Welcome to the blog world!

Reagan & Katie said...

YAHOO- You're blogging!!!! So excited to get to see lots of pictures & read stories about Caroline!!! Welcome! Love, Katie & Reagan & Will

The Safrans said...

So glad you've started your blog! Can't wait to check in and catch up on all you are doing. Caroline is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your family pix!