Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!

This past weekend, Matt and I went to Austin to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. We left Caroline with my mother-in-law and my mom. It was SO hard to leave her...much harder than I expected. However, once we got out of town and I realized two nights of uninterrupted sleep were in my future, I felt a little better. We had a great time relaxing at the pool, Matt played some golf, and I got my spa fix. Best of all, we had some good time together just the two of us. Even though we missed Caroline terribly, I now understand why everyone says to get away together every now and then once you have a baby. Thanks for making the weekend possible, Grammie and Kalo. Happy Anniversary, Matt...the past four years have been so much fun. I love you!!!

Getting ready for dinner
Matt headin' out for some golf
The Hill pretty

1 King bed+1 happy wife=1 happy Matt! (read below for more details)
Okay, so when we first walked in our room, this is what we found. 2 Queen beds...are you kidding me? Here we are on our anniversary trip SANS NEWBORN no less, and there are two beds in our room? I tell all of this very frantically to three managers at the hotel and they all tell me there are no other rooms available. This is just not okay...I continued my ranting until they finally moved us (weird how all of a sudden a room became available). Anyway, some of you may wonder why my husband wasn't on the phone? Well, even though he wasn't happy (you can see him sulking below), he's not as confrontational as I am when it comes to these kinds of issues. Luckily, we were moved to another room.
Just ONE more kiss...
Matt and I saying goodbye to Caroline. It was SO hard to leave!


Christina said...

Good job leaving the kiddo. She is super cute... I understand why it was so hard. Next time I need something "handled" I'm totally calling you. Can't wait to see you guys again soon !!

Mac said...

Well It's nice to see the blog since some people do not return my PHONE CALLS! Found the first entry amusing about the one bed = ONE HAPPY MATT - then the next line was "see below for details" !!!! Great pics of you all.