Friday, July 25, 2008

Lovin' the Library

Caroline and I met up with some girls/babies from our Square 1 class (see under Favorite Links below) on Monday at Bookmarks. Bookmarks is the new public library branch in Northpark (the mall near our house). They have a fun class for babies under 24 months old. Caroline had a grand ole' time. We sang songs, nursery rhymes, etc... The librarian also passed out scarves for the babies to hold and wave around during a song. Caroline LOVED the scarf. She started waving it around and when the librarian came around to collect the scarves, Caroline wouldn't let hers go (see pic below). The lady was nice and let Caroline hold onto her scarf a little longer. Baby girl knows what she was funny :-) Anyway, if any of you blog readers live in the Dallas area and have babies, this is a really fun activity.

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