Monday, July 28, 2008

Hanging with the Fam!!

Tonight, my mom and grandmother, a.k.a. Nannie, came over for dinner and to play with Caroline. Of course, we also had to throw in a game of 42 after Caroline went to bed (yes, Matt and I are officially the oldest 28-year-olds you will ever meet) Anyway, Nannie L-O-V-E-S Caroline and the feeling is definitely mutual. They both just light up when they see each other and Caroline will "coo" at Nannie forever. Nannie has a picture of Caroline framed in her bedroom and she says she stares at the picture all throughout the day. Nannie also says she sometimes talks to the picture because it makes her feel closer to Caroline on the days she doesn't see her. For those of you who know my sweet Nannie (mainly family and my bestest college buddies) can't you just picture her talking sweetly to Caroline's picture during the day?!? So cute! I was lucky to have such a sweet grandmother growing up, and I feel even more fortunate that Caroline will also get to experience this close relationship with my mom and Matt's mom. I also hope Caroline will have many memories of Nannie because she's the best, and I love her so much!!!

Nannie and Caroline...two of the prettiest gals I know :-)

I had to practically jump up and down to get Caroline to stop staring at Nannie and look at the camera
Sweet girl
One of our favorite family games...
...I like how Matt is deep in thought

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