Saturday, July 12, 2008

Victory is so sweet!!

Shortly after Caroline was born, we realized that she was a major "flailer". All babies flail but apparently some do this more than others and our baby definitely fell in this category. So she has been trying for MONTHS to get those dang fingers to stay in her mouth. Matt and I would try to help her but every time she came close, her arm would jerk sad (but kind of funny to watch Caroline get frustrated with herself). Finally, she got her fingers to stay in her mouth the other day. She liked it so much, she immediately fell asleep. It's a good thing she's got this figured out because it's coming in handy since we're weaning her swaddle this weekend (more on why we're weaning in a post to come). BTW, this whole weaning the swaddle is BRUTAL!!! We decided to quit cold turkey vs. the one-limb-at-a-time approach. I read (and some friends also told me) that Caroline would be equally upset if we did one arm out or all four limbs at once. So we decided to just pull the bandaid off quickly instead of slowly. It's not going so well (days/naps a lot worse than night but I think that's because she's so worn out from not sleeping during the day) but I'm hoping that Caroline will be back to sleeping well in a few days. Anyway, victory is so sweet!!!

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