Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Caroline Grace and Grace Catherine

13 months ago, our sweet friends, Cori and Cary, had a precious baby girl named Grace. She is GORGEOUS and such a fun little girl!!! Cori and Cary are very good friends of ours (Cori and I went to Baylor together) and Matt and I LOVE getting together with them. We always have so much fun!! For Grace's birthday, I bought her and Caroline matching outfits. I know, kinda corny, but I couldn't help it. We also couldn't help having a photo session of the two girls the other day. I don't think this is the last time that Caroline will have a play date with Grace in a matching outfit :-)

I mean seriously, is Grace not the most beautiful little girl?!? Those baby blue eyes are to die for!!
Poor Grace, trying to get Caroline to smile at her...Caroline didn't quite catch on.
I love how Caroline was bracing herself for Grace's "love pat".
I had to wake Caroline up from her nap to take these pictures and she was not about to smile for the camera. I guess I wouldn't smile if someone woke me up for a photo shoot.
Again, no smiles here!

Two of the sweetest girls!!

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Elizabeth said...

I agree...grace is so beautiful....but so is miss caroline! I am glad that you had a play date and got some pictures together. The matching outfits are so cute!