Sunday, May 26, 2013

Graduation and Last Day of School!

It happened! Caroline graduated from preschool! These last two weeks have been fun-filled as Caroline had her graduation performance and ceremony, and both kiddos had their last week of school.
Caroline's performance was precious. She made the program for us (it's so sweet and is definitely going into her keepsake box!) and sang her heart out during all the songs.
 We loved watching Caroline and her friends sing and do the hand motions to the songs.

The kids were called up front by name, after their performance, to receive their graduation certificate from Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Bosch. Such a proud parent moment:
 After the ceremony, we had a class picnic:

 Our awesome friends and community group members: Julie, Cole, and Tom Goodale
 Friends having fun: Natalie, Eleanor, Sarah, Foster, and Caroline
 Striking a pose of course:
Sweet Friends! Peyton and Caroline...Caroline always says she's going to marry Peyton because he makes her laugh and protects her ;-)
Last week, was Caroline's last day of preschool ever (tear) and Matthew's last day of Toddler 2s MDO. Here are some comparison pics. What a difference a school year makes!

Matthew had such caring, sweet, and patient teachers this year, Ms. Pam and Ms. Gretel. He LOVED them and was always excited to go to school so he could see his wonderful teachers. We will miss them so much! 
Caroline's last picture with her teachers, Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Bosch. They are one of the reasons why leaving CCDC is so hard. Caroline has been fortunate to have great teachers all four years at CCDC. Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Bosch are no exception and they were an answer to prayer this year. They have loved Caroline and helped to prepare her for Kindergarten. I know all they did for Caroline will really help ease her transition to elementary school. They will be missed next year, but I'm hoping Matthew can have them in a few years so we don't have to say goodbye permanently!
Eleanor and Caroline
Another wonderful blessing this school year...all of Caroline's friends in her class. Here are a few of those sweet kiddos:
Emory, Eleanor, Caroline, & Natalie

Last free-play before circle time:
Caroline's teachers sent the kids home with a little gift filled with a sweet note, a keepsake book filled with pics and memories from the school year, Caroline's work folder, and a few extra treats. All the friends in Caroline's class signed her CCDC cute!

I don't really have the words to write to express all of my different thoughts and feelings about closing this chapter in Caroline's life. I'm sad, excited, proud, anxious, and many other mixed emotions. Overall, I'm just so thankful the Lord provided such a wonderful preschool for Caroline. She made memories to last a lifetime, and we'll never forget all of her wonderful teachers and friends.
Now on to enjoying a wonderful summer before the next journey (elementary school) begins!

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