Sunday, May 12, 2013

"There's a hole in my mouth!"

Caroline lost her FIRST tooth on May 5th!! It was a total surprise and completely unexpected! She never even told me it was loose. What?!? She was sitting at our little table in the kitchen, eating a popsicle, when she screamed "there's a hole in my mouth, what IS that???" in a panicked voice. I took a look and freaked out. I couldn't believe it! We quickly looked and found her tooth on the table. It was a good thing Caroline didn't swallow it. As I held that little baby tooth in my hand I might have teared up a little. My baby girl sure is growing up and it's happening fast. Kindergarten is on the horizon and now Caroline has lost a baby tooth. Uh, no thank you. I'm gonna need time to stand still for a minute. Anyway, I digress. Caroline could not have been more excited the tooth fairy was going to come. She immediately wrote her a letter that said, "Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost my first tooth today. I hope you come see me tonight. Love, Caroline"
 I'm guessing the tooth fairy was completely unprepared since this was all very last minute. Nonetheless, the tooth fairy came that night and left Caroline a glittery dollar bill and 5 glittery coins along with a letter and a pack of gum (sugarless of course :-). The really neat thing is the tooth fairy also left a trail of "pasty dust" (what Caroline calls pixie dust) behind her. It's now in a baggie, and Caroline is looking forward to collecting more each time she looses a tooth. Speaking of, her other front bottom tooth is loose along with one of her top middle teeth. Ahhhhhh! Hopefully, they will stay in awhile. I'm thinking the tooth fairy needs to recover from the shock of Caroline's first tooth falling out :-)

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