Sunday, May 12, 2013

Road Trippin' to Kansas

The weekend of April 12th, we took a special trip to Kansas with my college bff, Shae, and her two boys, Smith and Bode. We headed to Kansas to visit another college bff, Kelly, who moved to her husband's family farm not too long ago. We had been wanting to visit and finally found a weekend that worked for everyone. Shae and I were nervous taking a road trip with 4 kids ages 4 and under, however, it was fine. Shae was a great driver and I interceded the kids' every want/need :-) We make a great road trip team! And thank GOODNESS for the car dvd player, ha
Once we got to the farm, we couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Very picturesque with green winter wheat growing as far as the eye could see! I wish I had gotten a picture of the gorgeous landscapes. We were so happy to see Kelly and her family and there was a big tractor in the driveway that the kids thought was really neat.
(Caroline looks really mad in this picture but I think she was happy...can't remember ;-)

Smith, Aaron, and Bode thought these ride-on toys were awesome! My kids? Not so much...too cautious for such scary toys!
They were much happier coloring with sidewalk chalk and playing hopscotch in the driveway.  

Kelly's sweet husband, Jarrett, took all of us for rides in the tractor. The kids had died and gone to heaven! They couldn't believe they were riding in a real tractor! Jarrett even let all of us (even the kids) drive it. Very cool! 

You don't have to wear seatbealts to ride around the farm.
Here they are piled in the back of Shae's car. Those beautiful mommas are Kelly & Shae.

Checking out the farm equipment. They were mostly enthralled with the combine. I love how Shae's boys went "farmer style" with no shirts on. When in Rome... 

Playing on a swingset and a really huge sand pile: 

Picnic at the park!

Bode's cheeto face...I could eat.him.up.
One of my favorite memories of the trip...making s'mores one beautiful evening.  My kids look terrified of the fire which is actually probably a good thing :-) Kelly's sweet momma was also there visiting and was a HUGE help!

Caroline thought the s'mores were too messy to eat (of course) but Matthew completely dug the whole idea. He would have eaten 100 of them if I had let him!

Kelly and Shae are two of my best friends, however, they're also like sisters I never had. To have time away together is wonderful, even if it IS chaotic with our littles running around. Our next girls trip will probably be sans kids though. Hopefully, to Cali to see our other college bff, Steph, before she has her first baby (so exciting!)
Kelly, thanks for being such a wonderful host. Your farm is awesome and we can't wait to come back. Matthew is still talking about the tractor :-) Shae, thanks for road trippin' it with us. Let's do it again soon. Much love to you both!!!!

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