Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Tea

Last week was Mother's Tea at Caroline's preschool. It was the most precious thing, and I had a great time!
 Caroline sweetly escorted me in and showed me to my seat :-)
 Caroline & Eleanor
 We had snacks and "tea" (orange juice), chatted with each other, took some pictures, then the kids sang a few songs. The kids also made cards for all of the parents. Mine is pictured below:

 Caroline's teachers, Mrs. Clark & Mrs. Bosch
They are amazing! Seriously, the best.teachers.ever. They have loved on Caroline this year and really helped prepare her for Kindergarten. Caroline has learned a ton, and I know she is going to miss them so much (as am I).
 Thank you, Mrs. Clark & Mrs. Bosch, for making the Mother's Tea so special!!

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