Sunday, May 12, 2013

Caroline Grace Turns 5!

Caroline turned 5 on 4/4/13!! Her actual birthday fell on a Thursday. She was so excited about the day because she got to celebrate at preschool and wear a special crown :-) She had a fun day at school as the birthday girl! I picked Caroline up from school, and we went to get some ice cream with one of her sweet friends, Eleanor. We surprised the girls with tickets to Disney on Ice while they ate their ice cream. We then came home to spend some time with Grandad who had flown in from Colorado to help us celebrate. Once Matt came home from work, Caroline opened a few presents and we went to eat dinner at Chuy's (Caroline's choice because she wanted chips and queso :-)
Caroline's party was a couple of days later on 4/6/13. This year was a little different because Caroline picked out everything...the theme, invites, decorations, balloon colors, the craft, cake, etc... I didn't make one decision. It was fun to see her so excited about the details. Caroline chose to have a princess party and, believe it or not, Ariel showed up! :-) Many sweet people attended the party: Matt & me (of course), Nannie, Aunt Jean, Uncle John, Yaya, Grandad and some adorable friends.
The party in pictures:

This is a look of pure joy!!

Ariel was so fun and the girls couldn't believe the real Ariel was able to come all the way from Disneyworld to see them. Ariel had all kinds of special things planned...they played games, wore silly hats, went on a treasure hunt, had a dance party, and put on make-up (which was, by far, the most exciting thing!)
It was time to open presents once the party was over. Caroline never stopped smiling from ear to ear. It was fun to see her have such a wonderful day. I mean you only turn 5 once, right? She picked Mi Cocina for her birthday party dinner (more chips and queso of course) then we came home and crashed from a fun but exhausting day.
Happy 5th Birthday, Caroline!!!

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