Monday, August 30, 2010

7 Months!!

I can't believe I am 7 months pregnant already! And I REALLY can't believe I'm in my third trimester! This pregnancy is flying by so fast...much faster than I ever thought it would. Some days, I'm thankful it's going by quickly because I'm so anxious to meet our baby boy, see what he looks like and cuddle him forever (okay, maybe not forever but as much as I possibly can :-) Other days, I want to hit the brakes, and I think to myself that I want/need more time to enjoy Caroline as our only child. I also really love feeling baby boy move so much in my tummy and don't want that to end. So I have mixed emotions to say the least. Right now, I'm very thankful for more time since this sweet baby doesn't have a name or a nursery yet.
Baby Boy Krauss @ 12 weeks!

As far as names go, we had it narrowed down to four, and now have it narrowed down to two/three. Matt favors one, and I favor the other two. Hopefully, we'll make the decision's driving me crazy. Even though baby boy doesn't have a name, he has a delivery date. We scheduled my c-section at my last doctor's appt...the big birthday will be on November 11th. We think 11/11/2010 is a great birthday. Especially since Caroline's birthday is 4/4, mine is 8/8 and Matt's is 1/23. I know, we're weird about birthdays and numbers. Overall, I'm feeling great except for some lower back pain and decreased energy level some days. I'm sure I'll start needing to slow down soon. Which doesn't work very well when you have a two year old, a lot to do to prepare a big girl room/nursery and Fall activities starting up just around the corner.

Baby Boy Krauss @ 16 weeks!

Speaking of "that" two year old. Caroline could not be any sweeter about her brother. She asks to kiss, cuddle with, and sing/read to "her" baby multiple times a day...I always oblige :-) She is so into babies right now and completely obsessed with friends' recent newborns. If she likes her bro as much as other babies, we'll be good to go. The other day, Caroline went with me to my sonogram and was so disappointed we didn't leave with her baby brother. She thought we were going to the doctor to have the baby "cut out" (her interpretation of my c-section). After the appt, she said in a panicked tone "but we can't leave mommy, we don't have a baby!" I guess I should have explained this was not the doctor's appt where the baby would be born.

Baby Boy Krauss @ 24 weeks!

We had a sonogram at 28 weeks (last week) and everything looked good. The perinatologist was checking the baby's heart since Matt's brother has a bicuspid aortic valve. So far, so good, we just have to follow up with the pediatrician at some point. The doctor said he didn't need to see me again which was great news. Baby boy is measuring two weeks bigger than he should and already weighs 3 POUNDS (which shocked me!). I mean, I still have 10 more weeks until my c-section. That's a lot of time for baby to pack on more pounds. I know baby's size doesn't matter since I'm having a c-section but it DOES matter to my back :-) Overall, it was a great appt, and we are so thankful for our (big) healthy baby!!

Baby Boy Krauss @ 28 weeks! (sorry for the blurry pic)


Meggan and Trent said...

Laura! The similarities are uncanny - baby girl weighs over 3 pounds and is two weeks ahead also!!!
And I am with you - I have way too much left to do to get ready. :)

The B4 said...

So, so sweet. Love the sonogram pictures.