Friday, September 3, 2010

My Most Recent Obsessions

Four of my closest friends have all had babies within the past couple of months. I am SO in love (and quite obsessed if I'm being honest :-) with all of them. Our sweet second baby, who we lost by miscarriage in January, was due in August. I was very apprehensive that all of these precious newborns would make coping with our due date a little harder. But it had the COMPLETE opposite effect! It made me love these babies that much more, and it's been wonderful and so healing to hold/cuddle them in my arms during the time I would have been holding our second child. Let me introduce you to my most recent obsessions (girls, I hope you don't mind that I "stole" some pics off of your blogs :-)
Ellie Butts
(go here to read the miracle story of this little girl...your life will be changed by her and her AMAZING family)
Riley Solomon (Lauren's daughter)
Aaron Schmidt (Kelly's son but my friend, Shae, is holding him in this pic)

Parker & Caroline with baby Ally (my friend, Laura's, daughter)
Love these smiles! Caroline is as smitten as I am!
I can't wait to watch these babies grow up and be a part of their lives. They will always mean so much to me!

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Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

She is going to be such a great big sister! And she is so cute "all the time!". Love her and love that she loves my will & Ellie!
Thanks for dinner, friends!