Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

Last week, Caroline and I headed to the circus with some friends. We decided to brave the train which ended up being a great idea...I think Caroline liked it as much as the circus (as long as she had a seat...she did NOT want to stand up on the train :-) Note to self for our next train ride, a stroller is a BAD idea. Also, Caroline is very newly potty trained (that's another post coming soon) and there were no bathrooms on the train or at the station. I was so scared she would have an accident, but she did great.
Here is our group (minus Sarah, taking the picture)...I "stole" a couple pics off Sarah's blog
Up close and personal with an elephant during the circus pre-show. The elephants were Caroline's favorite part!!
Grace & Jack on the train
Loving the train ride!

Waiting with our friends to take the train back to our car
Jack, Abby & Caroline (sorry for the finger in the nose :-)
The "big" kids headed out for a fun lunch while Stephanie and I headed back home with the "littles"...it was nap time!
All in all, Caroline enjoyed the circus and loved riding the train. She was a little young to be interested in any of the acrobatic tricks and lost interest unless there were animals in the arena. But we're glad we went and had a lot of fun with all of our friends!

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