Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Little Artsy

Today, we went with some playgroup friends to an art class at A Little Artsy. The kids LOVED it and my little Picasso had a blast (minus a few "2 year old moments"...nothing like having to discipline in a stranger's bathroom :-)
Working on her dot art
Stone and Dax painting their masterpieces
Brady, working on painting a stamp while Caroline was listening to the headless teacher, Ms. Jenny
Caroline was so excited when Ms. Jenny put paint on her paper
Going to town

Watching Brady paint with marbles
Then it was Caroline's turn...I thought this was the best activity of the class
"shake, shake, shake" the marbles
The finished products:
The class was inexpensive and a lot of fun...would recommend this for anyone with preschool-age kiddos!!

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