Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Indoor Activities

Since it has been SO unbearably hot, I'm pregnant, and we've been potty training, Caroline and I have been spending a lot more time indoors than usual. Thanks to this website (our saving grace this past month), we've been having fun doing different are a few of them I actually remembered to take pictures of.
We made a pipe cleaner color activity. First Caroline had to pick out the markers that matched our pipe cleaners:

Then we colored some hole protectors, punched holes in the top of a Pringles can, and stuck the protectors on:
Voila! Simple and perfect activity. Caroline loved sticking the pipe cleaners through the hole of their matching color:
We meant to color a piece of paper to cover and decorate the Pringles can but never got around to it.
This activity was a total bust. We attempted to make a fruit loops necklace for Caroline to wear (and eat). It was pretty hard for her and she needed a lot of help threading the fruit loops on and understanding the concept of a pattern. Definitely a couple of things to be working on!
This activity was Caroline's fav. We made "number" flowers. Caroline told me what numbers to write in the middle of the flowers, we cut out the corresponding number of petals, and glued them on:
Counting out the petals and putting them on the flower: She asked to add grass and a sun at the end:

Recently, our playgroup also decided to try a fun indoor activity...Chuck E Cheese!
Caroline loved this slide and playing the games (a lot of them were surprisingly appropriate for young kids):
Calling Chuck E Cheese on this phone game:

Playing a game with Lucy

Putting in the tokens was as much fun as playing the games!

Caroline, Brady and Asher dancing and watching Chuck E Cheese "perform"
Even though we are enjoying all of our indoor time, we are so.over.the.heat! Come on cool Fall weather!!

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