Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Reason for the Season

Yesterday, we went to a family Christmas Brunch at our church. The brunch was put on by our Building Blocks ministry for the purpose of teaching young children more about the REAL reason for this season...our Savior's birth! Matt and I were so excited to take Caroline because we knew she would have fun even if she is a little too young to understand the true meaning of Christmas. We started off by eating lots of yummy food then we headed into a big room with all of the families to sing worship songs and Christmas carols. Caroline loved dancing all around/clapping her hands to the live music.

After singing, some older kids put on a production of the Christmas story. Matt and I loved that part but Caroline lost interest and had more fun running around sitting in strangers' laps (what in the world?!? Caroline has NEVER done that was pretty funny since we were at church but I think we need to teach her more about stranger danger :-) Then we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and cut the birthday cake. We had been practicing the Happy Birthday song all morning so Caroline really loved that part...and eating the cake too, of course. After the cake, we moved on to do some arts and crafts.
Matt and Caroline making an angel
Picking out her colors
The finished product
After one craft, Caroline was ready to go. We had a great time and were so thankful to spend a morning as a family, worshipping God and telling Caroline more about why Christmas is such a special time of the year!!

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The Rowe Crew said...

How fun! That sounds like such a great event!! And of course, Caroline is precious as always ;).