Thursday, December 17, 2009

Current Favorite Activity & a Video

Caroline's favorite activity of the month is...PAINTING!!
She loves it and will paint until there is no more paint in the container!
She doesn't quite get the concept of dipping the brush in water in-between paint colors to clean it off. She just dips her brush in one color after another. No worries...I think brown makes lovely art :-)
Checking out the water
"Mommy, I don't understand why you keep putting the brushes in the water!!"
Showing me her masterpiece

The video below has nothing to do with painting. Caroline is really into counting these days, and I finally caught her on the video camera when she was counting while sitting on Matt (see below). I didn't start the camera in time so I cut off the beginning but you get the idea. I was sure to cut the camera off before too much of our annoying commentary though :-)


Laura said...

I love her major Texas accent on number 9. So cute!

Shannon said...

SO sweet! And Lu loves painting lately, too. Yes, we have lots of brown art. :) LOVE you!