Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Love Lucy

Caroline is so happy her sweet friend, Lucy, moved back to Dallas recently!! The girls (and moms :-) have been having fun making up for lost time.
Playing at the library

Pretty Lucy
Climbing together
Very busy reading a "grown-up" book
All bundled up in the cold and going for a wagon ride
I love Lucy's face in this pic
Out for a stroll...it's hard to keep up with two 20-month olds...they were faster than me!
Enjoying lunch together
We're so glad to have our friends back in town!!!


Shannon said...

OH MY GOSH! These are so adorable!! You are such a dear friend! We are so thankful to be back here near your wonderful family. :)

Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

ok - finally catching up on some blog reading & you NEED a puppy! Caroline needs one! (And I say that having just spent way too much money on ours at the vet today...again!) Those are precious! And thank you for defining "kubota" - I've seen them on the road & never had any idea what they were called! Also, love the Santa pics & especially love her smocked dress!
Loved seeing you briefly this past weekend- see you soon! K