Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Supper Club

Recently, we had our Christmas Supper Club at Kelly and Jason's house. They made a delicious meal as always and we had fun spending time together eating, talking & laughing, exchanging ornaments, and being entertained by the kiddos. Kelly set up the most adorable decorated kid's table with their own ornaments and sippy cups. The kids didn't last long at the table but it was cute nonetheless :-)
4/5 of the supper club kiddos were there (we missed Saylor...sadly, she was sick). It's so hard to believe that a couple of years ago not one of us (4 couples total) had any kids. Now there are a total of 5 sweet crazies running/crawling/laying around :-)
Our attempt at a group picture. L to R: James, Press, Mae and Caroline. I love how James is showing off that cute belly of his.
Preston (Press) is so adorable and is the sweetest baby. He is also the newest addition to our group.
Eating at the kid's table (by herself at this point :-)
Although it was fun having the kids at our Christmas dinner, all of us moms agreed that we're going to hire babysitters for all 2010 supper club evenings so we can enjoy fun nights out with each other without having to worry about what the kids are doing. We're definitely looking forward to that ;-)

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