Thursday, December 10, 2009

2nd Annual Santa Visit with "Gacie"

Cori and I decided to take the girls to the mall last week for our 2nd annual visit with Santa. Caroline loves hanging out with Grace (or "Gacie" as Caroline calls her)!!
Sweet friends
Cori got to the mall early to get us tickets to see Santa. Our tickets were #98 and they were on #20 when we got there. So we decided to go eat lunch while we waited.

The girls had fun sitting by each other in a booth while eating some yummy Chick-Fil-A. Cori and I snapped some pics after lunch while the girls were playing in the booth.
This is how Caroline plays peek-a-boo. She covers her mouth so she can still see me then says "Pee a boo Mommy" after she takes her hand away. Funny girl.
Grace didn't want to miss out on the fun while we were taking pics so Cori gave her her camera to play with. She was taking pictures of Caroline :-)
Unfortunately, it was close to nap-time after lunch and Santa's workshop was only on #78 so we decided not to wait. Hopefully next year, we'll have better Santa success. At least we got a fun lunch date out of it!!

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