Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pray Without Ceasing!!

A sweet friend of mine sent me the prayer button on the right side of my blog. I think it's a great reminder to pray for our children (family, friends, country, etc...) without ceasing. Prayer is powerful, and I am continually reminded of God's faithfulness when He answers my prayers even when it's not the answer I always want. Recently, I heard a wonderful couple talk about praying for your kids at a parenting conference at our church. They are an older couple and have notebooks filled with hundreds of times God specifically answered prayers regarding their children. It was encouraging to hear, and I want to be able to look back in thirty years and see hundreds of ways God has answered prayers about Caroline and any other children we have (Lord willing). The button on the right is a practical way to start praying on a daily basis. I wrote the prayers down on index cards and they are stuck all over my house so I can just read them whenever I want (instead of having to memorize them which I would never do). If you want the prayer button on your blog, click here. I hope this is as much of an encouragement to you today as it was to me!!

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