Monday, August 1, 2011

1st Visit to the Dentist

Today, Caroline went to the dentist for the first time. I'm VERY surprised to report that it was a wonderful experience ;-)
Caroline loved posing in the chair:
However, she loved watching a movie on the ceiling even more...the dentist has changed since I was a little girl!

First up, was Caroline's teeth cleaning. Miss Samantha did a fantastic job with Caroline (who was already in tears after having to lay down). She showed Caroline all of the cleaning tools and even let her touch them and turn them off and on. Samantha gave the tools funny names and quickly had Caroline laughing. I was amazed. I honestly didn't think we'd get very far at this appointment. However, Caroline's fear completely faded away the more Samantha talked to her. Caroline did such a great job and let Samantha polish/scrape her teeth then apply the flouride. I'm so thankful for that sweet Samantha!
 After the cleaning, Caroline got to pick out a prize. She chose a ring with a red heart on it and was really excited.
Here she is, picking out her ring, with my mom (who wanted to come along for support :-)
 Next up, time for x-rays! I love this picture:
 Admiring her new ring:
 Caroline did a great job during the x-rays too. She walked into the room all by herself and followed all of the directions. She got to pick out a sticker afterwards. She couldn't believe it...two surprises in a row:
 Last but not least, it was time to see the dentist (or teeth doctor as Caroline calls her). Again, she did well and wasn't scared at all. She let the dentist check all of her teeth. Caroline's teeth received a clean bill of cavities, yay! The dentist talked to me about Caroline's finger-sucking which I had lots of questions about. We've got to nip that in the bud before permanent teeth come in. Whew, that's gonna be hard. Not going to think about that just yet.
Notice the blue balloon in the background...that was given to Caroline along with a sugar-free lollipop on our way out. It was treat overload!
Matthew was content playing with a water bottle the whole time: 
 All in all, Caroline's first visit to the dentist was terrific. Caroline can't wait to go back and get another ring, sticker, lollipop and balloon ;-)

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Randy Deaver said...

Haha, congrats to your kid and you for having your first dental visit! It's great to get it done without much of a hassle, no? It seems a whole lot better for kids these days, since the dentists have adopted a kid-friendly to get the job done better.

-Randy Deaver