Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Fun Tuesday

We had a fun Tuesday yesterday! Caroline saw her first movie in a theater...Winnie the Pooh! She was super pumped about it and was even more excited to get to go with one of her besties, Eleanor, and her mom Elizabeth. Elizabeth and I arranged childcare for our littles and decided the girls would love riding in the same car together. We were right:

Playing outside while buying our tickets:
Running through the theater. Both girls kept yelling, "this is so exciting" :-)
Movie time!
 I have no idea what Caroline is doing here, but both girls were SO sad the movie was over. They wanted to watch it again.
 We loved Winnie the Pooh! It was the perfect movie for the girls' age and both girls sat through the whole thing and did really well. The massive amounts of drinks and snacks helped too ;-) I'd highly recommend the movie!!
Outside Caroline wanted a picture of herself posing...cracks me up:
 They loved these sunflowers Elizabeth picked found on the ground for them:
 Sweet friends
 After naps, our fam of 4 headed to our neighborhood's National Night Out. We didn't get to stay very long but had fun while we were there:
 Caroline headed right up this bouncy slide. We couldn't believe it. She's leading the pack up the stairs in this pic:
 Climbing into the bounce house:
 My two fav guys!!
A fun day for sure!

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