Saturday, July 23, 2011

Snapshots of Summer

I haven't had the chance to do many "what we've been up to" posts this summer with all of the craziness that has been going on (traveling and moving mainly). So here is a recap of some of our summer in snapshots...please excuse the quality of a few pictures that were taken with my phone.
The NUMBER ONE thing we've been doing this summer is SWIMMING!!! It's pretty much all we can do since it has been 200 degrees every day:
Caroline, Will, Matthew & Ellie
Caroline swimming with her buddy, Cole:
 Matthew floatin' around:
Caroline particpated in a fun ballet camp with one of her best buddies, Lucy:

We've had a couple fun supper clubs and included the kids:
Saylor, Press, Caroline and Mae (missing from the pic...James and the babies, Matthew, Julia & Gray) I think it's so funny that our supper club has grown from 0 kids to 8 kids in only 3 1/2 years. Makes me tired just thinking about it ;-)
We have had great quality time with our sweet Nannie:
There has been lots of hand holding in the car (I never get tired of turning around and seeing this):
Running in the grass on warm summer nights:
Spending extra time with daddy since he gets off work early on Fridays during the summer (hooray):
We have celebrated some very special birthdays with family and friends:

 Riding bikes in the morning before it gets to 200 degrees:

Practicing writing letters (Caroline has really been into this lately):
And last but not least, this summer has been full of many playdates with all of our fantastic friends!!
Matthew & Ally:
 Caroline and Parker:
That pretty much sums up our summer (so far) in snapshots!!

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