Thursday, July 14, 2011

8 Months Old

Sweet Matthew is 8 MONTHS OLD!!
It has been another month full of changes for our baby boy! Matthew is doing something new almost everyday. This month, Matthew:
  • Started CRAWLING!! He will take up to 3 "crawls" (what do you call that??) then fall on his stomach, push himself back up to all fours and do it again. So he hasn't really taken off yet but he is mobile and can get himself to where he wants to go most of the time.
  • Pulled himself up to his knees a couple of times on the side of the bathtub and ottoman
  • Learned how to push himself to a sitting position when he is up on all fours and then can get back down on his stomach from a sitting position
  • Learned how to clap his hands...he is so proud of himself when he does this
  • Began shaking his head "no" and sometimes does it purposefully (if he doesn't want a certain food) and sometimes does it just because it's fun and makes him laugh
  • Started signing "all done" when he's finished eating...his version is twisting his hands all around instead of shaking them. He also imitates the sign "more" but doesn't use it purposefully yet
  • Figured out how to really jump in his jumperoo and now he loves it more than ever
  • Had his first pureed meats and loves them like he does the rest of his baby food
  • Ate his first "table" food: very small bites of tortillas, cheese and bananas (he is NOT a fan of table food at all and either gags or spits it out...we're going to wait a couple of weeks then try again)
  • Traveled to Red River, New Mexico for his first trip to the mountains
  • Watched his first 4th of July parade
  • Rode a ski lift
  • Got his SECOND tooth (middle bottom, right next to his other one)
  • Decided he hates the cold water in the pool and cries most of the time when he is in the water (either in his float or if I'm holding him)...this is quite a bummer since we tend to live at the pool these days
  • Is still such a happy baby which is such a blessing given our rough start during those lovely newborn days...that's the comment we hear most about Matthew..."He's SO happy!!!"
  • Continues to follow the same eating and sleeping schedule he was on at 7 months
  • LOVES to laugh (especially at his sister right before bedtime...this has become quite the tradition every afternoon and/or night if Caroline is in the room when we're getting Matthew ready for bed), bang on his toys, cuddle, listen to songs, read books, play with anything he can get his sneaky little hands on, and splash/crawl around in the bath (this is scary :-)
Matthew's smile is contagious and we can't look at him without smiling or laughing most of the time. It's hard to believe Matthew is already 8 months everyone always says, time is flying by and I wish it would just slow down. We are thankful for the endless joy Matthew brings into our lives everyday.
Happy 8 month birthday to our little guy!!!

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