Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red River- Part 2

The second night in Red River, we went to COWBOY EVENING. Cowboy Evening is just what its name is an evening full of all things cowboy, including live country music, a HUGE home-cooked meal with the best cinnamon rolls you have ever put in your mouth, and lots of kiddie activities like (pretend) riding horses, roping cattle, riding in a chuck wagon, swings, etc...
I hadn't been since I was younger and my cousins were little kids. We were all excited for Caroline to experience the fun.
All dressed and ready to go (look at Matthew eyeing the remote control :-)

My little cowgirl and cowboy!!

Playing in the chuck wagon:

Playing on the hay bales and posing with one of Caroline's greatest cousin, Catherine
Yup, and I ate every bit of it...PLUS a cinnamon roll the size of my face :-)
The Swing Riders...I don't know who was more entertaining, the band or Caroline dancing to the band.
It was a fun, cowboy evening!!!!

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