Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red River- Part 3

Here are some last highlights/misc pics from our trip to New Mexico to conclude the Red River posts.
Matthew's favorite morning activity...playing with a measuring cup while watching us make breakfast. He is one happy boy!!!
 Red River has a new activity...a tubing hill! They have a "bunny slope" for little kids and a big one for the "big kids". Caroline went down the bunny slope twice. I couldn't believe she did it! Once she was done, she hung out with Susan (who is not a fan of speed) while the rest of us rode the ski lift up and tubed down the mountain over and over. It was a blast! I only took pictures of Caroline because I left my camera at the bottom of the mountain while we were tubing.
My mom and Caroline tubing down the hill:
 Just starting off:
 Ready, set....
 Riding up the moving sidewalk
 View from the back porch of our cabin:
 Our back porch...a lot of time was spent out here reading and talking
 More pics of our cabin (the one we rented, not the one my grandfather built):

 We love Dwyer's Den!
 View from our front porch:
 One of Caroline's favorite activites...swinging on the front porch while playing "I Spy"
 Pretty view on a jeep ride:
 My very favorite...the beautiful Aspen!!
 My Uncle Ronnie, Trey and I went on a jeep ride one day. Popo LOVED this Willie jeep, and I'm so glad Ronnie has kept it in shape so we can still use it. I've ridden in this thing almost my entire life. I have SO many great memories of riding in this jeep with Popo looking for deer and elk in the summer evenings. We still love those nighttime animal hunts!
 I made Caroline get in the jeep for a picture...can you tell she was not happy about it? I have a feeling I'll be seeing this face quite often during the pre-teen/teen years :-)
 And we're back to being happy again:
 Caroline's other favorite activity...throwing rocks in the river and splashing/stomping in the river in her rain boots
 The cabin in the background is the one my grandfather built. I forgot to get a good picture of it.

One morning, we thought it would be fun to take the kids up the ski lift to the top of the mountain. Even though Matthew was strapped to me in the Bjorn, I was REALLY anxious the whole time. Caroline made me nervous too even though she was completely still. This was a little too adventurous for this worrying momma ;-)
Top of the ski lift:

Goodbye Red River...hope to see you next year!!! 

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