Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Matt and I celebrated Valentine's Day with each other last Saturday. The day started with Matt sending me off for a massage and pedicure (heaven!!) I came home, showered and got ready before Matt sent me away and told me not to come home until 6:30 p.m. So I loaded up the kids, took them to my mom's house and hung out there until it was time to return home (thanks for watching the kiddos, mom!)
This is what I returned home to:
A beautiful table set with flowers, a card and a YUMMY meal that Matt cooked HIMSELF (this is a huge deal because Matt doesn't cook)...I was so excited!
He made a delicious spinach salad covered in feta cheese, dried cranberries and walnuts:
This was the dinner he made...spicy shrimp fettucine...it was seriously so good. I ate that whole plate! We had ice cream sundaes for dessert.
Saturday was a great day and everything Matt did for me was just perfect and exactly what this tired momma needed. Our actual Valentine's Day was fun and very busy. Caroline went to school (but her Valentine's party isn't until tomorrow), Matthew went to Shannon's house (thank you, Shannon!!!), and I went to a special "Valentine" lunch with my mom, two aunts, mother in law, and Nannie. Nannie likes to do this every year since her last name is Valentine. We also like to have a family party on Valentine's day for this same reason, and we've been doing it for as long as I can remember. So Valentine's night, we went over to my mom's house for a great dinner and fun Vday party.
Caroline, opening up a vday gift from Yaya Opening Matthew's present from Yaya...Caroline will sure be sad when Matthew can open his own presents ;-) Opening her gift from mommy, daddy & Matthew
Her own dress-up doll!
Opening her gift from Mimi...some more fun books and yummy lollipops
playing with Matthew's present
Matthew loves his gift!!
Smiling for Aunt Susan
Love is in the air

She really couldn't love him more!
So thankful for ALL of my family and the love we share!!
I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

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