Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally...a REAL Snow Day (Part One)

We have had the craziest weather this week and have been iced in for 4 days (stay tuned to read about what we did to avoid cabin fever). Finally, it actually SNOWED last night and we got about 5-6 inches (not a "light dusting" which was what the weathermen predicted). Matt's office closed today, and we were so excited he was home to play in the snow with us. I don't know who was more excited to go outside and play...Caroline or Matt and me. I also don't know how Caroline did it, but she was having so much fun, she stayed outside and played with us for almost 2 hours (while Matthew napped) without going inside once to warm up...even though it was about 19 degrees. Guess all that bundling up worked well. Prepare for picture overload.
Watch out Caroline...incoming snowball!

Running and tackling Matt in the snow was a fun game
Making snow angels Matt's
& mine...Caroline wasn't about to lie down and get "messy"
Love those rosy cheeks
Going for a walk

View of our house from the street
"Hi Mommy!!"
Trying to build a snowman...the snow was a little too dry to make anything substantial (but it was fun trying)

Our finished product
Then we busted out the laundry basket for some sledding down our hill (which Matt and I did over and over and old are we?)

Our super cautious sweet girl even did it once we bribed her with a lollipop

Another pic of our "Charlie Brown" snowman :-)
Matthew's first snow!!!
"When will this torture stop?!?"
He couldn't open his was so bright
And....they're done! This pic cracks me up: Matthew is so tired and cold, he can't even hold his head up anymore, and Caroline is READY to go inside and warm up.
Even though the fun in the snow ended with some tears we had a blast playing outside today. We hope it doesn't melt too fast so we can do it all over again tomorrow!!


Alison Treadaway said...

I laughed out loud at the Caroline not getting messy... Parker did dozens of snow angels today. Boys vs Girls... too funny!

shae said...

too cute...i love the last picture with the tears. smith was always so sensitive to the light, we have lots of pictures of him that age with sunglasses. hope you are having a good weekend.