Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow Day (Part Two)

Last Saturday was our second fun day in the snow before it all melted away. Caroline (and even Matthew for a few minutes) had a blast! We bundled up Matthew again and found him a nice spot in the shade. He was able to open his eyes this time ;-) He was all grins and giggles and loved sitting in the snow for a bit.

Sissy and her buddy (as she calls him :-)
The MOST fun thing for Caroline was playing with some of the "big" girls who live on our street. Caroline just LOVES and idolizes them and they were so sweet to come to our house to play with Caroline. She was just beside herself with happiness.
Posing with Hannah

Building a snowman with the big girls Grace and Hannah

Hannah, helping Caroline build a "Matthew Snowman" i.e. baby snowman

Going on a walk together...so sweet
Taking a break to eat some peanut butter cookies...yummy!
Again, Caroline somehow stayed outside and played in the snow for almost 2 hours. Luckily, it was much warmer on Saturday than the day before. Caroline definitely loves the snow this year, and we're thankful we had a couple of fun days to play and enjoy it!!

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shae said...

sweet girl. matthew looks so big! i'm hoping smith will be into snow days next year. although, if we end up in temple...we'll never have them :( we'll just come to dallas if you get a day of snow :)