Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weekend at the Ranch

Last weekend, our friends, Jason and Laura, invited our community group out to Laura's parents' ranch. We had fun hanging out, riding the kubota (see below :-), talking/laughing around the fire pit, making smores, grilling out yummy food, shooting guns at targets, playing games and going "spotlighting" to look for animals late at night. It was great to get away and enjoy some fresh air and beautiful Texas countryside for a weekend.
Our fam
Matt acting out a cameo during an exciting game of Turbo Cranium
Another pic during Turbo Cranium...Matt was the "puppeteer" and Jason was the "puppet" I can't believe I got a clear picture of this b/c I was laughing so hard!
Jason, loading up the gun for us to shoot the target (don't worry, the kids were asleep during this activity)
Matt, taking aim and firing
Laura, doing the same
Laura and Lauren, checking out the target
Caroline and Laura (or "Wawa" as Caroline calls her ;-)
Jason, Parker, Matt and Caroline going for a ride in the Kubota (it's an all-terrain, hunting vehicle...kind of like a cross b/w a golf cart/four wheeler on steroids)
Look closely, in the middle of this pic is a beautiful buck
Jason took Lauren and me out for a ride on the Kubota and gave us a great tour of the ranch

Caroline playing with Ben
Sweet Parker saying "cheese"...love this kid
The Matthews Family...Laura, Parker, and Jason...enjoying the fire outside
Ben and Lauren, singing a funny song together
Me and my handsome hubby
What a wonderful weekend! Thanks for hosting us, Laura and Jason!

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Shannon said...

That looks like SUCH a fun weekend!!! I love the pic of matt as the puppeteer (sp)! I laughed out loud!