Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Week

Here is a recent video of Caroline doing a bunch of random stuff. Matt taught her a little "phrase" in French that she likes to say over and over. Matt's parents taught her how to "sing" Sweet Caroline. Also in the video, we had a family bible study the other day that was (so conveniently) about obeying your parents and Jesus. So that's what Caroline is talking about. Happy Thanksgiving week to everyone!! We are so thankful for Caroline and all of the joy and laughter she brings into our lives!!


Shannon said...

Oh HOW SWEET! She is such a smart girl! We don't have much luck with Lucy and the video camera b/c she would rather watch herself on the screen! We need to get together soon!! :)

Eric said...

She is so cute!! Love all her talking...very impressive!! But i wouldn't expect anything less with a speech therapist for a momma. :)

Miss you guys... great video.