Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Celebration Part 1

We kicked off our Halloween celebrating with a Halloween playgroup at our house last week. It just so happened that playgroup was scheduled at our house a couple of days before Halloween so of course we asked all of our friends to come in their costumes. The kids had fun eating some snacks, decorating pumpkins, and playing.
Lacy playing with Caroline while Hudson sneaks a treat
Caroline loved playing on the floor with the newest member of our playgroup, baby Oliver
Some of the finished decorated can tell the ones the moms did vs. the ones the kiddos made :-) Caroline, the pumpkin, sitting by her finished pumpkin (she had some help)
Julia and Finn working on their pumpkin
Jessica and Stone, busy decoratin'
Brady, the monster, hard at work. He won best costume! So adorable!

Starting the initial attempt at a group picture...always a funny and challenging experience.
Oliver the Lobster, Finn the Bumblebee, and Stone the Skeleton
Brady the monster, Caroline the Pumpkin, and Hudson the Skeleton
Ethan the Lion is in the middle. We missed Parker, Asher and Dax!
Caroline is obviously WAY outnumbered in our playgroup as the only girl. We don't mind though, and love all our little boy friends (notice the space between those two words :-) However, we are SO excited our sweet friend, Lucy, is moving back and will be rejoining our playgroup soon. We can't wait!!
All in all, a very fun Halloween playgroup. It was great to see everyone dressed up!


The Penuels said...

Awwwww!!! I love all of their sweet little costumes :)

Shannon said...

You are so sweet! We ARE back but things have been very hectic! I'll be in touch soon. We cannot wait to play. :)
The kids looked adorable in their costumes.

Julia said...

i love all the pictures!! the one of caroline and oliver is just fabulous- thanks for posting all mom is very excited and keeps telling me to thank you for taking good pics of her grandkids (since i don't take many!). she appreciates you :)